Have You Heard of Our FREE Day of Dentistry?

At Yazdani Family Dentistry, we are very proud to offer our FREE day of dentistry event called Smiles On Us. This is one of the many ways we as a clinic like to give back to our community! If you haven’t heard of this exciting yearly event, read on to learn about how it works, […]

Why Good Oral Health is So Important

Beyond the Obvious Benefits to Your Dental Well-Being, Good Oral Health Helps Prevent Other Health Complications Good oral hygiene means taking care of your teeth, gums, and mouth at home and with regular visits to your dentist. Proper oral hygiene with regular brushing, flossing, and dental cleanings results in a mouth that looks and smells […]

It’s Time to Take Oral Cancer Seriously

Man with a moustache smiling while the hygienist shows proper brushing technique on a model.

Visit Your Dentist Regularly for Oral Cancer Screenings April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month. Though it’s not as well-known or talked about as often as other forms of cancer, oral cancer is no less serious. It’s still a devastating diagnosis to receive, and, as with other cancers, early detection is key to a successful treatment […]

Oral Cancer Screenings With Your Dentist

Why You Should Get Your Dentist to Screen for Oral Cancer at Your Next Checkup As with regular screenings for other health issues, including oral hygiene, oral screenings keep an eye on your health and can catch problems before they worsen. Since your dentist examines your mouth on a regular basis, they are usually the […]

DYI Tips for Whitening your Teeth

Home Remedies That Support Your Dentist’s Recommendations Are you frustrated with a yellow smile, but can’t quite spring for professional teeth whitening services yet? That’s okay! We appreciate that patients might be hesitant to spend money on what can seem like a purely cosmetic service. Thankfully, there are a few DIY home options that can […]

Good Dental Hygiene for Low Blood Sugar Patients

Why Regular Visiting Your Walk-In Dentist is Important if You Have Low Blood Sugar Although proper dental hygiene is important for everyone, those who have poor blood glucose (or blood sugar) levels need to be extra vigilant about taking care of their teeth. Poor blood sugar levels are associated with decreased saliva production, which can […]

Oral Hygiene for Long-Lasting Dental Implants

Dental Implants Need Proper Oral Hygiene to Ensure Your Ongoing Health Dental implants are a permanent solution that replaces missing teeth. And with the right care, dental implants can last a lifetime… but first, your mouth needs to heal properly without infection. If you thought dental implants and replacement teeth means you could get away […]