Meet Our Team

Our caring, helpful team members are dedicated to serving you at Yazdani's dental clinics in Kanata and Kemptville. Meet some of the people you'll encounter and learn a little more about who we are and why we love helping our patients and giving back to the community.



Meet Our Dental Hygienist Team

Having successfully completed a hygiene diploma, dental assisting certificate, and a level 2 dental assisting certificate, Tammy is a highly experienced and capable dental hygienist. The Yazdani family is happy to have had her on board since March 2004.

When she isn’t busy making your pearly whites shine, Tammy enjoys spending time with family.


Kemptville Location
Chelsea joined the Yazdani team in January 2013, after completing her dental hygiene and dental assistant level 2 certificates at Algonquin College.

Besides cleaning teeth, Chelsea is also passionate about the outdoors, and tries to spend as much of her free time outside as she can by travelling or keeping active.

Her family consists of her husband Matt, her English Bulldog Scout, her two nieces and her nephew.

One thing on Chelsea’s bucket list is to visit every province in Canada.


Kemptville Location
Jennifer was born and raised in Halifax. She obtained a Diploma in Dental Hygiene at Dalhousie University and also has a BSc from Mount St. Vincent University. Jennifer join our dental family in 2007.

One thing that Jennifer cannot live without is chocolate and blistex. She enjoys daily yoga and walks and cannot wait for grandkids. Being able to visit her sister in Japan is on her bucket list


Kemptville Location
Kristina joined the Yazdani team in May, 2008. With a diploma in dental hygiene, she is passionate about oral health.

When she isn’t scrubbing teeth, Kristina enjoys spending her spare time with family and friends.


Kemptville Location
Shaylin graduated with an Advanced Diploma in Dental Hygiene from Algonquin College in 2016 and has been working here since ever since.

If she’s not working in dentistry, you can catch her as a Spin Instructor or drinking iced coffees all year round.

Shaylin took the leap of faith and went skydiving in the fall of 2018. It was the most liberating experience and she would gladly do it again in a heartbeat! She would love to travel around Europe and see all that this world has to offer!


Kemptville Location
Santana was born and raised in Antigonish, Nova Scotia. She moved to Ottawa in 2018, to attend school at the Canadian National Institute of Health. Santana graduated in March 2020, with a Diploma of Dental Hygiene with Honours. During her free time she loves singing, playing guitar and hiking. Santana also loves helping others, which she can now do by improving others oral health and overall health.

Santana moved to New Zealand for a year to work and travel. During her time there, she went bungee jumping and cage diving with Great White Sharks. One day, Santana would like to try skydiving.


Kemptville & Carleton Place Locations
Breana graduated from South Carleton High School in 2016 and then graduated from CNIH for Dental Hygiene in 2019.

Did you know that Breana has been inside a dormant volcano and she can drive a tractor and a transport truck? She also has 2 wonderful parents, a chihuahua and a rag doll cat. Something she cannot live without is oxygen and chocolate of course.

Having a career she loves is on her bucket list and according to Breana, she has now achieved this!


Kemptville Location
Emma graduated with honours from the Dental Assisting program at Durham College in 2019. Emma also graduated from the Dental Hygiene program at CNIH in 2021.

Emma loves spending time with friends and family. She also loves figure skating and playing hockey. If time and money were not a factor, Emma would love to travel to London.


Kemptville Location
Vicki attended John Abbott College in Montreal, Quebec. She graduated with an Extended Duties Dental Hygiene Degree. Vicki has also received an award for Academic Achievement and Excellence in the field of Dental Hygiene.

Vicki has a long list of ski hills she would love to visit all over the world with her husband and two boys.


Kemptville Location
Emily graduated from Canadore College in 2009, with a Dental Hygiene Diploma. When Emily is not working as a dental hygienist, she can be found doing photography, gardening or spending time with her husband and two year old daughter.

Emily has a huge love for animals and would love to travel more within Canada.


Kemptville Location
Stephanie graduated with honours from the Dental Hygiene Advanced Diploma program and joined the Yazdani team in August 2015.

When Stephanie isn’t cleaning teeth and giving advice on how to keep them strong and white, you will find her exploring the great outdoors. Steph loves spending her free time with her husband, daughters, and dog. She is passionate about health and fitness and enjoys hiking and running.

Skydiving and backpacking through New Zealand are on her bucket list.


Kemptville Location
Allison graduated in 2015 from The Canadian National Institute of Health in Dental Hygiene.

Allison grew up on a dairy farm and was a competitive equestrian most of her childhood.

Being able to travel the world with family and friends is something she would love to do if time and money were not a factor.


Kemptville Location
Stephanie graduated from Dental Assisting in 2013, at Algonquin College. She also graduated from Dental Hygiene in 2017 at Canadian National Institute of Health.

Stephanie recently got married in March 2022 in Punta Cana. She moved to South Mountain in 2020 with her husband and their two golden retrievers, Lucy & Ellie. Stephanie loves spending time with friends, family and her sweet nephew Maddox. Her bucket list consists of travelling everywhere and anywhere.


Kemptville Location
Kailee has an advanced diploma of Dental Hygiene at Canadian National Institute of Health completing her studies in August 2020 and received her registration in January 2021 after successfully completing the National Board Exam.

Kailee is one of 5 children and if time and money were not a factor, she would spend time with family at a tropical location, swimming all day with good food and music!


Kemptville Location
Kendra graduated in 2015 from Algonquin College with an Advanced Diploma in Dental Hygiene.

Kendra is the most clumsy person ever, yet she has never broken a bone. Being able to go skydiving when she gets enough courage is on her bucket list.


Kanata Location
Megan graduated from Algonquin College in 2016 with an Advanced Diploma in Dental Hygiene.

Something interesting about Megan is that she has ran 200KM in one year and adopted a 4 year old Labrador. Currently, Megan cannot live without Starbucks and Espresso and swimming in every ocean and great lake is on her bucket list.


Kanata Location
Laura graduated from Algonquin College in 2017 with honours.

She was born and raised in Ottawa and has two brothers. She cannot live without coffee, her car, family and friends.

Travelling the world is on her bucket list.


Kanata Location
Megan graduated from Algonquin College from the Dental Hygiene program with honours in 2018. She is the recipient of Hu-Friedy Golden Scaler Award.

In her spare time, she loves to read. If she has the time, she could finish a book in a weekend. Being able to go skydiving is on her bucket list.


Kanata Location
Natasha graduated from Algonquin College with honours from Dental Hygiene in 2011. Currently, Natasha fosters dogs for a local rescue. Her family consists of her husband, 2 little boys and her dog Buddy.

Natasha cannot live without her family, dogs and her paddleboard. Did you know that Racing a dragon boat in the ocean is on her bucket list?


Kanata & Carleton Place Locations
Courtney graduated Dental Hygiene in August of 2016 from Niagara College. Courtney also received nominations for Faces Magazine for "Best Dental Hygienist" in the Ottawa area.

Courtney has lived in Vancouver and if time and money were not a factor, she would travel to Bora Bora!


Kanata Location

Meet Our Dental Assistant Team

Leslie graduated from the Dental Assisting programs (level I and II) at Algonquin College as well as the Preventative Dental Assisting program at Western University. As a certified member of the Ontario Dental Assistants Association, Leslie is more than prepared to take on dental challenges. Yazdani is proud to have had her on board since July 2001.

Leslie lives in Kemptville, Ontario with her husband Kevin and two sons. When she isn’t at work, Leslie loves spending time with her family and cheering on her boys at the hockey rink and the golf course.


Kemptville & Carleton Place Locations
Heather graduated from Everest College in November 2010 as a Level 2 Dental Assistant.

Heather loves dirt biking and can’t live without coffee.

Her family includes her husband John, son Charlie and daughter Blake. They are her world.


Kemptville Location
Kristen has graduated from Everest College as well as Algonquin College. She is also NDAEB Certified.

In her family, she has two brothers, two sisters, two nieces and 4 nephews with another one on the way. The one thing Kristen cannot live without is her family.

One day, Kristen would like to fly a plane. This is on her bucket list!


Kemptville Location
Cilicia attended Algonquin College for Dental Assisting Levels 1 and 2.

In her spare time, she enjoys training calves and showing them at shows throughout the year. She has three siblings, two older sisters and a younger brother. Cilicia also has two dogs, a rabbit and many cats and cows.

Cilicia would love to take a trip to Australia or travel around Europe. The one thing she cannot live without is her family and friends. Cilicia loves spending time with them whenever she can.


Kemptville Location
Julia graduated from Everest College in 2012 from the Dental Reception / Chairside Assistant program.

She is currently CPRC trained and certified.

Did you know that Julia owns a giant rabbit?


Kemptville Location
Sai completed her BDS from MM Dental College, deemed to be University, in 2014. Sai then moved to Belgium for her post-graduation in Forensic Dentistry in 2016.

Sai is HARP certified and First Aid Certified from the Canadian Red Cross in Canada.

Sai loves dogs and their puppies and would love to be a Forensic Dentist in Canada if time and money were not a factor.


Kemptville Location
Maui grew up in the Philippines. She finished her Bachelor of Arts major in Mass Communication in the Philippines in 2003. She also graduated from Intra-Oral Dental Assisting Level 2 at Everest College in 2009.

Maui loves spending time with her husband, daughter, and their mini Aussie Doodle Daugthy.

Maui also loves painting in acrylics, learning how to play the piano and listening to history podcasts. If time and money were not a factor, Maui would travel to go see ancient ruins. She would also love to see famous art paintings.


Kemptville Location
Zineb has achieved her Dental Assistant Diploma from Ecole Des Metieres Faubourgs de Montreal in 2008, a certificate of Dental Assisting from Ministry of Education in Quebec in 2009 and participated in continuing education with AURUM Ceramic Dental Laboratories Co. in 2012.

Zineb is very proud to be a Dental Assistant and to serve the community. Some of her interests include travelling. She has been to many places such as: France, Spain, Morocco, Germany, Netherlands and also enjoys cooking international meals.

Zineb’s family is the whole world to her. She could not live without them. She has 5 girls and a husband.

For the longest time, Zineb has always wanted to zipline over a huge city like NYC, Dubai or Japan.


Kemptville Location
Courtney graduated with honours from KLC College in Kingston, ON. Courtney enjoys photography and spending time by the water and spending time with her friends and family. Recently, she got a Golden Retriever puppy named Clover who keeps her on her toes.

Courtney can quote almost any FRIENDS episode word for word. Being able to see the Northern lights in Alaska is on her bucket list.


Kemptville Location
Lindsey is a NDAEB certified Level 2 Dental Assistant. Lindsey graduated from Algonquin College in 2015 and joined the Yazdani Family in 2015

Did you know that Lindsey is terrified of lady bugs and clowns? Lindsey also hopes to travel across Canada with her husband and her dog Hank


Kanata Location
Taylor graduated from St. John's Catholic High School in Perth, ON. She also graduated Pre-Health Sciences at Algonquin College. Taylor has also completed her Level 1 and Level 2 Dental Assistant program at Algonquin College. Taylor is also NDAEB certified as of 2019

Taylor loves animals, chocolate and naps! She is the big sister to four younger siblings and mommy to two beautiful kittens. Taylor cannot live without her cats and travelling to Australia and possibly living there is on her bucket list.


Kanata Location
Lara graduated in May from Dental Assisting with her Level 1 and Level 2.

Lara enjoys giving to charity and spending her time at the gym. She is an aunt to 6 nieces and nephews and a cat. Lara cannot live without family and friends and of course dog videos.

Being able to visit Fiji and skydive in Dubai over the Palm Island is on her bucket list.


Kanata Location
Joan is NDAEB Certified. She also graduated from CDI College as well as Intra-Oral Level 2 Dental Assisting in 2006.

Joan loves gardening and if time and money were not a factor, she would travel across the world. Joan would buy a big piece of land and grow beautiful flowers and plants.


Kanata Location

Meet Our Front Desk Team

Linda is a HARP-certified dental office and chairside assistant, with a Preventative Dental Assistant Level II from Algonquin College. She lives with her husband, Ormond, and two children in Oxford Mills, Ontario.

When she isn’t in the office, Linda enjoys playing volleyball, camping, and spending time with family and friends. She has been part of the Yazdani team since July 2001.


Kemptville & Carleton Place Locations
Wendy has achieved her Chairside Dental Assisting Diploma (1985), a Preventative Dental Assisting Diploma (1993) and became a Registered Dental Hygienist (1996).

In Wendy’s spare time, you will catch her knitting, reading and binge watching Game of Thrones.

Wendy has a son, Evan and a daughter, Katie. She also has 2 dogs, Buddy & Arthur.

The one thing Wendy can’t live without is reality TV and going on an Alaskan Cruise is on her bucket list.


Kemptville Location
Sue has been working in dentistry for all of her working years. She started as an assistant then moved to front desk.

She loves taking care of her garden and travelling to Arizona is on her bucket list. Her health is very important to her and she loves to work out.


Kemptville Location
On top of her Dental Hygiene Diploma, Linda holds a Bachelor of Arts from Dalhousie University. She joined the Yazdani team in November 2013.

When she isn’t working, Linda enjoys spending time with family and friends.


Kemptville Location
Emma holds a BA (Hons) in Psychology and Neuroscience from Carleton University and is currently pursuing a Master’s of Public Health at the University of Ottawa.

Additionally, Emma has 5+ years of experience in dental and a keen passion for health and fitness.


Kemptville Location
Emily graduated from Everest from the Medical Office Administration program in 2009.

Emily has 4 potbelly pigs, 2 dogs and chickens and loves to go snowmobiling.


Kemptville Location
Cheryl is new to the dental world but really enjoys learning new things.

Cheryl enjoys hanging out with family and her two dogs. She loves going to farmer's markets and trail walks. Cheryl's favourite movies are horror movies, she's always down for a good scare!

If time and money were not a factor, Cheryl would travel the world.


Kemptville Location
Meghan is a mom, wife and friend. She loves to relax and watch her favourite shows on Netflix, sitting on a patio and chatting with friends. Meghan also enjoys photographing families. She is born and raised in Ottawa, but hasn’t even seen all that her town has to offer.

Meghan has been married for almost 15 years and has a daughter who is 10 going on 20 and two gerbils. The one thing Meghan cannot live without is Kettleman’s Bagels.

Meghan would love to take a year off to travel with her family – Everywhere and anywhere!


Kanata Location
Nicole holds three diplomas from St. Lawrence College; Community and Justice Services, Medical Administration and Office Administration.

Nicole enjoys spending time with her family, which includes her husband, their boxer dog Nala and their two cats. Being able to travel to different places in Europe and to New York during Christmas is on Nicole's bucket list.


Kanata Location
In June 2022, Michaela will be graduating from De La Public High School. She will be studying Dental Hygiene in the fall of 2022. She also received the G by 5 award from the Kimon program.

Michaela's favourite subject is Math, she loves playing the piano and enjoys reading in her free time. She also did competitive gymnastics and dance for 5 years.

In the winter, she loves skiing with her family. She also loves babysitting kids, she finds them the cutest! One of her favourite hobbies is going to the gym with her mom. Michaela speaks English, French and SPanish. On her bucket list, she wishes to visit Bora Bora as well as travelling the world with her family.


Kanata Location
Hayley graduated with a diploma in Executive Office Administration from Algonquin College in 2017, she also has a certificate in medical terminology.

When not working, Hayley enjoys spending time with her family and friends playing games and aspires to one day beating her mom at Scrabble.

Hayley also has a twin brother that she says she could not look more different from. Being able to visit everyone of Guy Fieri's restaurants is on her bucket list, she loves that guy!


Kanata Location
Alanna graduated from Highschool OAC in 1998 and went on to do Accounting at Carleton University but unfortunately never finished as she gave birth to her beautiful daughter.

Alanna planned to finish and life got in the way. Alanna had a beautiful son and the rest is history.

Alanna became an ECE and then switched to Medical Administration and then moved on to Dental because she felt there was so much to learn and she's been living every moment.

Alanna finds the best in everyone no matter who they are. She is also a huge fan of pot belly pigs. If time and money were not a factor, Alanna would buy a piece of land far in the hills and live the rest of her life growing gardens and living in peace.


Kanata Location

Meet Our Sterilization Technicians

Angela is a certified sterilization technician for medical or dental.

She loves the country and being outdoors.

Angela has one son and an Australian Shepherd Pup. One thing she cannot live without is her car and traveling to Hawaii is on her bucket list.


Kemptville Location
Brenna is a student at St. Mary Catholic High School and has made grade 11 honour roll.

Brenna loves cooking, baking and decorating. She has a passion for fitness, enjoys volleyball and hockey and has recently taken up running. In Brenna's spare time, you will catch her binge watching netflix.

Brenna has a sister, 2 cats and a dog, her mom and her dad and the one thing she cannot live without is her family and pets. On her bucket list, she would like to travel the world, get a pet goat and become a dietician.


Kemptville Location

Meet Our Patient Experience Coordinator Team

Marilyn started with Yazdani Family Dentistry in April 2019. In her spare time, you will often find Marilyn crocheting, reading or gardening.

She is married with three boys. She also has two grandchildren with two more on the way. She enjoys spending time with her family and grandkids.


Kemptville Location
Toni is originally from Hamilton, ON. She moved to the Ottawa area for her husband’s job. Toni was a stay at home mom for 15 years, then a pharmacy technician for over 20 years.

Toni has two grown sons and 3 grandchildren. In her free time, Toni enjoys quilting and crafts of all kinds are a big part of her down time. She is happiest when her house is filled with people and laughter.

Currently, Toni lives on the river where she enjoys boating and water activities and travelling the world is on her bucket list.


Kemptville Location
Cheryl graduated from Algonquin College from the Marketing program. She is a licensed hairdresser and has shown horses and won several awards with them.

Cheryl is a proud Grandie to two young babes. She currently lives on a hobby farm and travelling is on her bucket list.


Kemptville Location

Meet Our Marketing Team

Lisa comes to the practice with a Small and Medium Enterprise Management Diploma (2005), a Business Marketing Diploma (2006) and an Advertising & Marketing Communications Post-Graduate Certificate (2008). She also has taken several continuing education courses to keep her skills current. She has completed a Marketing Masters program and a Telephone Certification Program through Scheduling Institute.

Lisa has been part of the Yazdani team since January 2014, and she stays active both inside and outside of the office. Lisa has climbed Mount Macy. At 5,343 feet, Mount Macy is the highest point in New York State. She often volunteers her time for various community causes such as Relay for Life, Brain Tumor Walk and Shack Stock.

Lisa loves her dog Rose and visiting the Scottish Highlands is on her bucket list.

Lisa | Marketing Director

All Locations
Raul has a Bachelor's in Communications (2009), a Post-Grad in IT Based International Business (2010) and a degree in the Creation and Administration of Content for Social Networks (2013).

He has experience in diverse front-line media environments including newsprint, radio and magazine.

Raul loves music, and when he’s not at work you will find him spending time with his two daughters and his wife.

Raul does not have any pets right now, but he loves dogs.

Raul | Marketing Assistant

All Locations
Josh graduated from the University of Waterloo in 2022 and obtained his Business Communications Degree.

In Josh's spare time, he shows ponies at fairs around the Ottawa Valley. He is also an avid traveller who has been fortunate enough to have visited 19 countries.

Josh | Marketing Coordinator

All Locations

Meet Our Support Staff

Amy graduated from Algonquin College Dental Assisting in 2006 and graduated in 2011 from Algonquin College and obtained her HR Certificate. Amy has also been awarded the Leaders in Practice Award in 2018.

A little something about Amy, she loves to laugh and travel.

Amy | Operations Team Leader

All Locations


Emergency Dental Services?

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