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At Yazdani Family Dentistry in Kanata & Kemptville we offer our patients composite resins or porcelain fillings which give teeth a much more natural look and feel.

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Composite Dental Fillings

Medically Safe Dental Fillings Without Amalgam

When we perform dental fillings in Katana and Kemptville, we always have our patients' oral health in mind. It doesn't end there though. We also care about our patients' overall health as well. That is why our dental fillings use a medically safe composite material. Not only is the material safer, but it matches the colour of the tooth it is placed in and provides extra structural strength. Those are things that amalgam-based fillings simply can't do.

When searching for dentists in Kanata and Kemptville, it is important to know what kinds of materials they use to perform their dental work. This is especially true when talking about dental fillings because they are one of the most common procedures a dental patient will receive. We wouldn't use amalgam dental fillings for ourselves or family members, so we would never consider using them for our patients. After all, we treat our patients like family at Yazdani Family Dental.

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The Downside of Amalgam

Dental amalgam is a mixture of metals consisting of liquid mercury along with silver, tin, and copper alloy. It uses mercury to bind together alloy particles that are required to form the amalgam. But with approximately half of the concoction consisting of mercury (which is a known toxin), many people worry that they may be putting their health at risk with these types of fillings.

In fact, dental amalgam releases low levels of mercury in the form of vapour. A small amount of mercury in the lungs can lead to serious health problems, and high levels are associated with adverse brain and kidney effects. Although the FDA considers the levels to be safe for adults and children, there is still room for concern, especially for those who are sensitive to mercury.


How We Perform Dental

We use amalgam-free materials in our cavity restorations known as “white fillings.” These do not carry any harmful materials, and they blend in well with the surrounding tooth colour naturally. This means patients can gain a seamless looking smile without having any potential adverse effects from metals.

Depending on the location of the affected teeth in your mouth, our dentists will recommend a material and procedure to restore your smile’s natural look. We take durability, aesthetics, and positioning into account, and will outline what options are available to you. Our amalgam-free restorations provide a stunning natural look, whether you need fillings, crowns, bridges, or inlays.

Amalgam fillings do not strengthen your teeth or reinforce them in any way. In fact, it’s often necessary to remove additional healthy tooth structure in order to fit the amalgam material into the tooth just right. That’s why we love composites and porcelain. Not only are they safer, but they can also provide additional strength and improved function for your teeth. Since they can be designed to match the colour of your surrounding teeth (unlike metal), the safer option of amalgam free fillings just makes sense.

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Almalgam Free Fillings

Frequently Asked Questions

We get a lot of questions, naturally, about the wide range of dental services we perform here at our Kanata & Kemptville dental clinics. Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions. Don't see yours answered here? Feel free to reach out to Yazdani Family Dentistry.

Yes! In fact, we would highly recommend having us do that for you. That way we can remove hazardous materials such as mercury from your mouth. The composite fillings will also strengthen the structure of the tooth compared to the previous filling, leaving it better off than when you had the amalgam filling in it.

The short answer is no. The long answer is that amalgam free fillings don’t need as much of the tooth structure to be removed in order to place the filling which means less drilling in the tooth. Combine that with either local anesthetic or sedation dentistry and you won’t feel any pain when getting an amalgam free filling.

It depends on the material we use, but usually our fillings are made to last 5 to 7 years. With proper oral care, such as brushing twice a day and flossing before bed, the fillings can last much longer.

Every patient’s case is different so there is no set number of how many times a filling can be replaced. Generally speaking, we will stop replacing dental fillings when the hole that needs to be filled becomes too large. Once there is more filling material than natural tooth material, that tooth no longer has enough strength to function properly and is more susceptible to cracking and breaking under strain. At this point, we will usually recommend a dental crown as the best option for treatment.

It depends on the size and depth of the hole where the filling was placed. For smaller fillings that are more shallow, you may feel some slight discomfort or sensitivity to heat and cold, or nothing at all. When larger and deeper fillings fall out, more of the pulp and possible even the root can be exposed which increases the chances increased sensitivity, discomfort or even feeling pain in the tooth. If you have lost a filling, contact us for an appointment to have it replaced right away.