Do you have teeth that have cracks, chips, stains, mismatching and/or wear and tear from aging?


If so, you may be a good candidate for porcelain veneers.


Veneers are an increasingly popular service within cosmetic dentistry, helping to restore confidence in one’s smile as well as contributing to the strength and function of your teeth.


In this edition of the Yazdani Family Dentistry blog we’ll talk about the many benefits of porcelain veneers and why you should consider this step in your oral health journey.


What Are Porcelain Veneers?


matching porcelain veneers to teethVeneers are thin shells of high quality, durable ceramic or liquid composite that fit over the front of your teeth.


The material is strong and built to last for 15-20 years, so it’s a good investment in your smile and in your oral health.


Porcelain veneers are not a one-size-fits-all item, but rather are custom-fitted to your teeth and come in a colour to match the natural look of your teeth.


Veneers can be made for one tooth (e.g. a chipped tooth or cracked tooth), and are also made for a partial set or full set for all teeth.


Getting porcelain veneers is typically a process that takes a few visits to our Kemptville dental clinic or Kanata dental clinic:

In some cases, a fourth visit is needed for follow-up and occasionally some slight adjustments.


Veneers are in the middle range in terms of level of cosmetic dentistry service; veneers do more than teeth whitening, but they are not as permanent, protective or expensive as crowns, dental implants, etc.


What Are the Benefits of Veneers?


porcelain veneers on teethVeneers can help your smile and your teeth in many ways.


If you have a cracked or chipped tooth, for example, or have one tooth that’s gotten discoloured over the years, veneers can address that one tooth (or a few teeth, if needed) to match your otherwise lovely smile.


If you have several teeth or even all teeth which are stained and/or showing the wear and tear that years and years of chewing and grinding, etc., can take, porcelain veneers are a highly effective way to restore your smile.


What about the intangible benefits of veneers?


Your smile is an integral part of the first impression you make when you meet someone. That could be:


We all want to make a great first impression.


And we all know by now that we only get one chance to make that first impression.


Why not increase exponentially your chances of making a great first impression? Veneers are a great way to do just that.


Cosmetic Dentistry: Veneers in Kemptville & Kanata


The best way to find out whether veneers are right for you is to talk with one of the dental care team members here at Yazdani Family Dentistry.


We’ll go over your dental and oral health history, discuss your goals and find the best solution for you.


Contact us today to book your appointment for veneers at either our Kemptville dental clinic or Kanata dental clinic.


Dr. Shahrooz Yazdani

Dr. Shahrooz Yazdani

Dr. Shahrooz Yazdani has helped to restore the smiles and self-confidence of countless clients since opening Yazdani Family Dentistry in 2001. As CEO and Director, he has amassed thousands of hours of comprehensive training and real-world experience in his decades-long tenure. Dr. Yazdani is deeply passionate about his work, family, and making the most of life itself.