Not all wisdom teeth need to come out. Sometimes these final sets of molars can emerge properly aligned. When they’re misaligned and causing issues, then they will likely need to be removed. How does your dentist decide whether you need to get your wisdom teeth removed? Read on to find out when it’s absolutely necessary to remove wisdom teeth and when it’s not.

When Should Your Wisdom Teeth Come Out?

If your wisdom teeth don’t have enough room to emerge or aren’t developing properly, they will need to be extracted. Your dentist may also recommend for the teeth to come out if they’re causing significant pain, have formed an infection or a cyst, or if they’re causing damage to nearby teeth. Some dentists will also take out the wisdom teeth to prevent problems later on. If impacted teeth are left in, they can push on surrounding teeth, causing alignment issues, sinus issues, cavities, and even serious issues like lead tumors.

When Can Your Wisdom Teeth Stay In?

In most cases, if the wisdom teeth have enough room to come through the gumline successfully, and are in an upright position, and do not have any other issues that could cause problems in the future, they can stay in. Your dentist will examine your mouth and make a determination about whether or not they’re showing any signs or exhibiting problems that indicate they need to be removed.

How Dentists Determine Your Needs

During your regular checkup, your dentist will examine the shape of your oral cavity to see if your wisdom teeth are starting to come in. They’ll then take x-rays of the area to determine their position, the direction in which they are moving, and if they have enough room to come out from the gum. The dentist will also look for other issues such as disease, infection, bone loss, or damage to surrounding teeth and then make a recommendation based on their findings.

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Dr. Shahrooz Yazdani

Dr. Shahrooz Yazdani

Dr. Shahrooz Yazdani has helped to restore the smiles and self-confidence of countless clients since opening Yazdani Family Dentistry in 2001. As CEO and Director, he has amassed thousands of hours of comprehensive training and real-world experience in his decades-long tenure. Dr. Yazdani is deeply passionate about his work, family, and making the most of life itself.