Wondering what counts as an emergency when it comes to your teeth? We’ve listed some of the most common emergency dentist appointments that we deal with. If you or a loved one experiences any of these, contact us any time and we’ll arrange an appointment to have it looked at and treated as soon as possible.

What’s a Dental Emergency?

Life can be unpredictable, and sometimes, it can throw a curveball when you least expect it. Sometimes that curveball can end up aimed right at your mouth, causing sudden damage and pain. Learn more about some of the issues that are classified as an emergency below:

A Tooth That’s Been Knocked Out

Whether it’s during a sports game, a fall or some other high contact activity, a sudden impact can cause a tooth to get knocked out in an instant. This is particularly common for kids. Aside from having a noticeable gap when smiling, a missing tooth that’s not addressed can cause the bone structure to weaken and the surrounding teeth to even shift over time. It can also lead to infection. When a tooth is knocked out, it’s important to have it seen to as soon as possible because there’s only a short window of time to replace it back into the socket. Your dentist will inspect, clean and apply the appropriate treatment to ensure you or your child’s smile can remain healthy.

Severe Tooth Pain

For any painful sensations in the mouth, book an appointment right away. Pain is always an indication of something serious, and your dentist is the only person who can determine the exact cause to treat and eliminate the pain as quickly as possible.

Fractured Teeth

Although chipped or broken teeth are usually less serious, they can lead to more severe damage if left ignored. In non-emergency scenarios, a crown or filling can repair a chip. But in more serious cases, a fractured tooth can affect the nerve, causing intense pain. In this case, don’t wait to contact us. Ignoring a fractured tooth can lead to infection and even require an extraction.

Swelling Around Gums

When swelling occurs in the mouth, it’s often a sign of infection. If you or your family member notices swelling around the teeth and gums, whether there’s a bump or boil, contact our office. If there’s pain or swelling, the dentist may prescribe antibiotics to curb the infection, in addition to a follow-up appointment for a root canal or extraction, depending on the issue.

Lost Filling 

Fillings help to protect teeth when decay starts to eat away at the enamel. If you lose a small filling while eating, it’s usually not a major cause for concern. However, if the filling is larger and there are painful sensations around it, it’s time to give us a call. 

If you need an emergency dentist appointment in Ottawa, contact us at Yazdani Family Dentistry.

Dr. Shahrooz Yazdani

Dr. Shahrooz Yazdani

Dr. Shahrooz Yazdani has helped to restore the smiles and self-confidence of countless clients since opening Yazdani Family Dentistry in 2001. As CEO and Director, he has amassed thousands of hours of comprehensive training and real-world experience in his decades-long tenure. Dr. Yazdani is deeply passionate about his work, family, and making the most of life itself.