Why are Mouthguards so Important?

Avoid Visits to Your Emergency Dentist by Protecting Your Mouth during Sports Mouthguards protect your mouth and teeth from serious injuries while playing sports. They’re thick plastic pieces shaped like dental trays that rest in your mouth and cover your upper row of teeth. Mouthguards act as a barrier between your upper and lower teeth. […]

Oral Cancer Screenings With Your Dentist

Why You Should Get Your Dentist to Screen for Oral Cancer at Your Next Checkup As with regular screenings for other health issues, including oral hygiene, oral screenings keep an eye on your health and can catch problems before they worsen. Since your dentist examines your mouth on a regular basis, they are usually the […]

How to Prevent Common Dental Issues over the Holidays

Tis’ the season to be jolly, and often overindulgent. While being festive during the holidays, you will probably eat more—especially sugary foods—drink more coffee, tea, and wine, and stay up later. And that’s okay! It is the holidays after all. But just because you’re taking a break and having fun doesn’t mean you should neglect […]

The Gaps in Canadian Dental Coverage

How Your Local Kanata Dental Centre is Helping to Provide You with More Dental Coverage Canada is known for its excellent universal health care system but when it comes to taking care of Canadians’ teeth, that’s a completely different story. Dental coverage in Canada is private, so people must pay for dental insurance if they […]