A Guide to Combating Dental Anxiety

woman nervous about dental treatment while sitting in dental office

  From the fear of heights and flying to needles and the dentist’s office, everyone has their own anxieties to deal with. Whether it’s the sterile smell, the buzzing sound of the drill, or the bright white lights, going to the dentist can be incredibly stress-inducing. The way dentists are portrayed in the entertainment industry […]

The Link Between Oral Health and Overall Health

A smiling woman brushes her teeth in a mirror.

Often overlooked, the state of our oral health extends its influence far beyond the confines of our teeth and gums, touching upon aspects of our well-being we might never have considered. Exploring the link between oral health and overall health is important, as it can help better understand our bodies and how certain factors can […]

Oral Piercings and Dental Health: What You Need to Know

A smiling Black woman shown from the nose down with a septum piercing and lip ring.

  Oral piercings have become increasingly popular, and if you’re considering getting one, you might wonder how it could impact your dental health. There are two main risks to consider: the first is from the piercing process itself, and the second is the potential effect it might have on your teeth and gums. Let’s explore […]

How to Deal with Sensitive Teeth

How to Deal With Sensitive Teeth

If you have sensitive teeth, you already know how distracting this experience can be in your daily life. This guide reviews how to deal with sensitive teeth and when you should reach out to a dentist for help. Common Causes of Tooth Sensitivity Knowing what causes tooth sensitivity is a good place to start before […]

Five Types of Tooth Pain 

Five Types of Tooth Pain 

    Tooth discomfort can be an uncomfortable and distressing experience that can make even the simplest activities, like eating and drinking, unbearable. Different types of tooth pain come with their own unique sets of causes and treatments. Thankfully, a trip to the dentist can help you get to the bottom of what is happening […]

Four Reasons Why Dental Care is Important

  If you often overlook dental care because you lead a busy life or have limited financial resources, you aren’t alone. However, the importance of oral hygiene cannot be stressed enough. From preventing tooth loss to early detection of cancer and other diseases, it’s vital to take your dental practices as seriously as other aspects […]

How to Avoid a Root Canal Procedure

How to Avoid a Root Canal Procedure

When you make an appointment with your dentist, you’re taking a step to ensure your oral health is as it should be. While your dental professional can do check-ups, they are also capable of more in-depth procedures, including restorative dentistry like fillings and root canals. The term restorative refers to the process of fixing teeth […]

Best Practices for Gum Disease Prevention

man with toothache

  Your oral health is not always about how straight or white your teeth are. Infact, your gums play a significant role in keeping your mouth healthy and disease-free.   Many gum-related issues are for the most part, painless, which is why people won’t notice that something is wrong with their gums until the disease […]

The Importance of Good Dental Hygiene & Regular Teeth Cleanings

couple smiling thanks to proper dental hygiene

A bright smile that shows off your pearly whites can make quite an impact on your self-esteem.   You won’t be able to maintain that beautiful smile, though, without taking oral hygiene seriously.   Poor dental hygiene won’t only impact the appearance and colour of your teeth – it also brings with it several health […]