At Yazdani Family Dentistry, we will only perform a tooth extraction when absolutely necessary. We always try to save a tooth whenever possible; however, in some situations, this may not be possible. For instance, a tooth may have to be removed if it’s heavily decayed or damaged, if it’s an impacted wisdom tooth, or if we have to prepare your mouth for dentures or implants.

An impacted wisdom tooth can cause a variety of problems, including discomfort, pain, and inflammation. They are also more difficult to clean, increasing the chances of decay and infection. As a result, we may recommend that the impacted wisdom teeth be removed to preserve the well-being of your entire mouth. Before extracting any tooth, we will go over all of your options including performing X-rays and other tests to determine the best course of action. Contact either our Kemptville or Kanata office today to set up a consultation.


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