These dental restorations are given their name because they literally “bridge” the gaps between teeth that are lost as a result of decay or damage. Besides improving your smile’s appearance, bridges stabilize nearby teeth and strengthen your overall bite, allowing you to enjoy a wider variety of foods. Bridges make speaking and chewing easier and give you more confidence about your smile.

To place a dental bridge, some of your teeth may have to be shaved down. This is done to ensure a perfect fit and aesthetic pleasing results. Patients with plenty of healthy jawbone tissue are the best candidates for bridges since they have enough tissue to support the dental restoration. Our dental team will examine your mouth to ensure that you’re a proper candidate and work with you to help you achieve a healthy smile. Contact Yazdani Family Dentistry today for a consultation. Our office is open five days a week and offers TV entertainment, refreshments, and free wi-fi for your convenience.


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