Because gum disease happens gradually, often without any pain or symptoms, it can be hard to notice at first. If left untreated, gum disease can lead to serious issues which include excessive gum recession and loose teeth. If gum disease is detected early enough, it can be reversed with good oral hygiene. However, more extensive forms of treatment may be required if the infection has become more serious.

During your checkup, if gum disease is detected and lots of plaque and bacteria are growing underneath the gum-line, we may recommend non-surgical gum therapy. This includes using methods like local medication, curettage, and root planing.

Curettage removes the soft tissue surrounding the tooth which is chronically infected and irritated. By removing the infected tissue, it allows new healthy tissue to grow.

Root planing involves removing and smoothing tiny amounts of the root services so that clean healthy tissue can grow around it.

Local medication may also be administered to prevent the spread of the infection. These methods are usually done together by one of our skilled hygienists at our dental practice. Our hygienist will also give you oral hygiene tips so that your gums stay healthy. Follow-up procedures may also be required to allow us to continue to assess your condition. If surgical intervention is required, we can recommend a periodontist who specializes in the surgical removal of gum disease.

We will work with you to ensure that you receive the best dental care.

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