Dr. Shahrooz Yazdani | Kemptville & Kanata Location

After earning his DDS degree with Honours from the University of Toronto in 1998, Dr. Yazdani completed a 2-year general practice residency in North Carolina. Residencies like this are optional; in fact, less than 1% of general dentists choose to pursue this sort of residency. Dr. Yazdani’s commitment to his trade didn’t stop there. He then completed over 1,000 hours of comprehensive continuing education offered by the Kois Center, as well as a 330-hour implant and bone grafting course through Ti-Max in Toronto.

In 2001, he opened Yazdani Dental and brought his many years of experience to clients in both Kanata and Kemptville. Dr. Yazdani believes strongly in helping others, and enjoys his work immensely. When he’s not working hard to help you with your dental and oral health needs, he enjoys sitting by the pool or beach with a good book and the company of his family.

Dr. Shahrooz Yazdani
Dr. Meredith Evans
Dr. Meredith Evans | Kemptville Location

Born and raised in Ottawa in a busy household (her mother ran an in-home daycare) alongside four siblings, Dr. Evans earned a degree in Biochemistry from the University of Ottawa before studying dentistry at the University of Toronto.

Committed to lifelong learning, Dr. Evans works hard to stay up-to-date on the latest techniques and treatments. As a member of the Spears Study Club, Dr. Evans meets regularly with local dentists and specialists to further her education on occlusion and aesthetics. She has also completed a residency on dental implants. Dr. Evans holds a certificate in moderate sedation and attended a mission course in Mexico where she learned techniques to more efficiently remove wisdom teeth.

Recently, Dr. Evans sold her city home to move to the country, where she enjoys being active. She loves swimming skiing, kayaking, cycling, and even rock climbing. In her spare time, she enjoys travel, cooking, and gardening.

Dr. Jason Sidon | Kanata & Kemptville Locations

A proud Ottawa native, Dr. Sidon grew up in Toronto before pursuing his dream of becoming a dentist through the Doctor of Dental Surgery program at the University of Western Ontario.

He is a compassionate individual and is continuously devoted to expanding his knowledge of all aspects of dentistry. He is dedicated to providing exceptional comprehensive treatment for patients of all ages in a gentle and enjoyable manner.

As a member of Spear Education, Dr. Sidon meets with local dentists and specialists regularly to stay up-to- date on the latest advances in dentistry. He has completed extensive training in implants, esthetics, wisdom tooth removal, root canal therapy, and TMD (Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction).

When not practicing dentistry, Dr. Sidon enjoys spending time with his wife and family, playing guitar, cooking, and sports (Go Sens and Blue Jays!).

Meet Dr. Sidon, one of our Kemptville and Kanata dental experts!
Dr. Huang works at our Kemptville location, regularly liaising with our Kanata dentists and dental centre as needed.
Dr. Billy Huang | Kanata & Kemptville Location

Dr. Huang grew up in Ottawa and received his Honours Bachelors of Science in Biochemistry then moved on to McGill University where he obtain his Doctor of Dental Medicine.

During Dental School, he participated in the outreach program as well as a summer clinic to provide care and give back to the underprivileged in Montreal.

Dr. Huang is also certified to administer Nitrous to patients. Dr. Huang loves to play indoor and beach volleyball and is an avid skier during the winter season.  He is an enthusiast of technology and have built his personal desktop computer and would like to build another one in the future.

Dr. Huang tries to stay active by going to the gym and is also a firm believer that oral health is total health. On Dr. Huang’s bucket list, he always wanted to go swimming with whale sharks.

Dr. Jennifer Qing | Kemptville & Kanata Location

Dr. Qing graduated with her Doctor of Dental Medicine from the University of Saskatchewan, where she received several awards for academic excellence in the classroom and clinic. She had the opportunity to volunteer at the Kandy Teaching Hospital in Sri Lanka, and she would like to be involved in more outreach programs in the future.

Dr. Qing worked at a dental clinic in Regina where her family lives. Having grown up in Saskatchewan, Dr. Qing is ready for a change and is excited for a new chapter in Ottawa. Her brother was actually born in Ottawa, and she is proud to say he’s a Special Olympic World Champion in swimming.

Dr. Qing grew up volunteering with Special Olympics and Best Buddies. In her spare time, she enjoys piano, dancing, skiing and hiking. She also loves food, whether it be going out to eat with friends or cooking at home. Dr. Qing cannot live without coffee and getting her scuba diving certification is on her bucket list.

Dr. Jennifer Qing
Dr. Kim
Dr. Jaeseung Kim | Kemptville & Kanata Locations

Dr. Kim has a Bachelor’s degree in Biology at McMaster University. He has a degree in Doctor of Dental Surgery at University of Toronto. Dr. Kim has also earned medals in dental school for being the top of the class in Cell Biology and Anatomy. He carries a certificate for Nitrous Oxide Administration and has taken courses on occlusion rehabilitation and aesthetic direct composite restoration.

Dr. Kim enjoys singing and always wanted to be a singer in high school. He is originally from Mississauga, ON and his family still resides in Mississauga.

The one thing Dr. Kim cannot live without is food and on his bucket list, Dr. Kim would like to go sky diving, paragliding, eat sushi in Japan and go in a hot air balloon in Cappadocia, Turkey.

Dr. Hasan Ahmed | Kemptville Location

Dr. Ahmed graduated from the Army Medical School in 2012 and did a 1 year residency. He came to Canada in 2013 and completed additional courses at University of Toronto and University of Alberta. He enjoys all aspects of dentistry. 

Based out of our Kemptville clinic, Dr. Ahmed works with patients in need of exceptional dental care
Dr. Shen
Dr. Shen | Kemptville & Kanata Locations

Dr. Shen graduated from the Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry from McGill University in 2017.  He completed a General Practice Residency at Stony Brook in Long Island, New York in 2018.

Some interesting facts about Dr. Shen:  His family is in Montreal and he cannot live without his cell phone.  On his bucket list, he plans to travel to the Arctic and explore Antarctica. He also hopes to road trip through America.

Dr. Golnoush Jalalpour | Kemptville Location

Dr. Jalalpour, DDS is a graduate of Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Science; one of the best schools of dentistry in the Middle East. She was admitted to Shahid Beheshti university based on her ranking of 186 out of 600,000 participants in the nationwide university entrance exam.

Dr. Jalalpour moved to Canada in 2016. She passed AFK, ACJ and ACS exams at her first attempt and completed the NDEB equivalency process in less than two years.

Dr. Jalalpour completed a number of courses about Restorative, Esthetic and Root Canal Treatment and participated in various workshops such as Surgery to keep her knowledge up-to-date.

In her spare time, she spends time with her niece and nephew, family and friends. She plays tennis since her childhood and skiing is her winter hobby. She likes to travel to different parts of the world to study and experience different cultures.

Dr. Kanika Sabhlok | Kemptville Location

Dr. Sabhlok graduated with a Bachelor in Science from University of Toronto with honours, She has also obtained her DDS from University of California, Los Angeles School of Dentistry.

Dr. Sabhlok has had the opportunity to live across five different countries growing up, her favourite being Canada, of course! Her family still resides in Dubai which is where she mostly grew up.

Dr. Sabhlok moved to Ottawa to join her husband two years ago and since then, they had a beautiful baby girl who keeps them very busy. She enjoys eating and trying different cuisines and proclaims that she can eat Thai food any time of the day! Her bucket list consists of a perfectly timed visit to see the cherry blossom or Sakura festival in Japan.

Dentistry wise, she enjoys all aspects of general dentistry. Dr. Sabhlok is constantly trying to do more continuing education courses to keep up to date. She has done a lot of outreach volunteer dental work in Himalayas, Vietnam and most recently in Guatemala.