If you’re looking for a convenient way to straighten your teeth without advertising the fact that you’re using orthdontic aligners, consider ClearCorrect. ClearCorrect invisible aligners are an innovative method to get a beautiful, straight smile without a need for traditional metal braces and appliances. Yazdani Family Dentistry Kemtpville is pleased to offer this service to patients. Contact our Kemptville clinic today for more information or to book a consultation!

If you’re a patient with our Kanata dentists, we’ll provide a consultation and help you book an appointment at our Kemptville location. ClearCorrect aligners are a comfortable, invisible, and effective way to get the smile you’ve always wanted.

How it Works

During your consultation with your dentist in Kanata or Kemptville, we’ll walk you through every stage of the treatment. If you’re an ideal candidate for ClearCorrect, your dentist will take photos, x-rays, scans, or even impressions to capture a highly accurate shape and profile of your teeth. They submit your prescription to ClearCorrect, who carefully craft your aligners in their lab.

When the aligners are ready, they’re sent back to your Kemptville or Kanata dentists. The subtle differences between each aligner gradually and gently apply pressure to teeth. Over time, and as your dentist provides new sets of aligners, your teeth will shift into a straight, beautiful smile you can be proud to share with the world.


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